Illustration of a Blank map of Spain, also called white map of Spain
White map of Spain

Blank maps

Pinta y Pinto have created blank maps of Spain and Europe, 100cm x 70cm in size, made of high quality paper to draw, paint of write on. It is a great tools in the classroom.

What is a blank map?

A blank map is one that does not give any specific information about the location it represents and for this reason they are also called white maps.

It can be used as a physical map to identify geographical features like mountains, plains, capes, gulfs, extensions of water such as rivers, lakes, seas, etc.

It can also be used as a political map to identify provinces, autonomous communities, countries, capitals, borders, etc.

Interactive blank map of Spain and Europe

Pinto y Pinto offers a free digital version of the maps through the app Genially when you purchase a printed map. The digital version of the blank maps will complement the printed map with a varaety of offer a variety of options including blank maps, interactive maps and quizes to best suits your approach in class or at home. The gigital version can also be purchased on its own in our shop.

Blank map of Europe

BLANK MAPS, that you can print and work in the classroom or at home

We will have several options for a blanc map of Spain:

  • Blank map with mountain ranges, rivers, regions, provinces and their capitals.
  • White map only with mountain ranges and rivers.
  • Map only with regions
  • blanc map with regions, provinces and capitals.

INTERACTIVE MAP OF SPAIN, with extra content and brief explanations

  • Interactive map with names of main rivers, seas, oceans with a brief description
  • interactive with mountain ranges, main peaks and landforms.
  • Interactive map of regions
  • Interactive map of regions, provinces and capitals.

INTERACTIVE QUIZ OF SPAIN, to reinforce your knowledge at home:

  • Hydrography interactive challenge. *
  • Mountain ranges and mountains. *
  • Coasts of Spain.*
  • Autonomous regions.*
  • Capitals of autonomous regions.*
  • Provinces.*

How to use a blank map of Spain?

The blank map is a very flexible tool that can be used in many subjects, mainly geography and history, but also in languages, even mathematics.

Here are a few examples and ideas of how it can be used in the classroom:

  • Political map of Spain (Autonomous regions, provinces, capitals …)
  • Physical map (main rivers, mountain ranges, peaks, gulfs, capes…). On the map you will find the main rivers and some tributaries. If you want to study an area in greater depth, you can add more rivers (drawing them for example) and even add mountains or peaks with the free pdf that you can print, cut and paste. This additional content is received by e-mail when processing the order.
  • Climates
  • Endangered species
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Dinosaurs
  • The Way of Saint James
  • Flags
  • Demography
  • National parks
  • Mathematical problems using the map scale and distances.
  • Present any topic in Spanish or French …

Different historical eras:

  • Prehistory
  • Iberian Spain: Iberians and Celts
  • Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians
  • Roman Hispania
  • Visigoth Hispania
  • Muslim Spain
  • Reconquest of Spain
  • Civil war

If we work with different historical eras, one idea is for each group of students to research and present that period on the map. It is great for teamwork and presentation skills.

For example, if we are teaching Muslim Spain, a group could make its map on the conquest, the emirate and caliphate of Córdoba, another of the first kingdoms of the Taifa and the Almoravid Empire, another the second kingdoms of the Taifa Almohad Empire and third kingdoms of taifas and another from the Nasrid kingdom of Granada and the end of the reconquest. Each group will show, using the map, what they have researhed and present ot he group a relevant period.