Map of Spain


Giant coloring map of Spain

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Would you like to visit Spain with Pinta y Pinto? Open the giant coloring map of Spain and enjoy!

You will discover festivals, traditions, monuments, art, food, history culture and much more.

The map of Spain includes a document with fun facts of Spain, from the Tomatina festival, San Fermines, Holy week, Feria de Abril, etc…

It is a fun and different way of learning, where you will enjoy some quality time coloring with the family, friends of alone.  Soon after the map will become an piece of artwork on your wall.

Coloring is fun, stimulates the imagination and creativity. Its large size, 100cm x 70cm, helps in developing social relationships and teamwork. High quality paper, you will be able to color with markers, pencils, crayons, etc… you chose!


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