Imperial Rome


Giant coloring map of Imperial Rome

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Imperial Rome

Would you like to know how cities were during Imperial Rome period? Open the giant coloring map by Pinta y Pinto and find out!

You will discover the main structures of a city, like temples, theaters, circus, colosseum, baths, aqueducts, roads. There are many different types of houses, social structures, markets and merchants. Many jobs like firemen, army, nobles, soldiers, slaves, gladiators, transport and much more…..

It includes an explanation document with many of the main elements you will find on the map. It will promote enquiry, encourage research, which should improve learning.

Its a fun and different way of learning. You will have a good time coloring with family o friends. It promotes teamwork, enquiry and inclusion.

Coloring is fun, stimulates the imagination and creativity. It´s large format, 100cm x 70cm, and made with high quality paper to color with markers, color pencils, crayons, you chose!

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